Hot Spots to Head to This Spring Once Your Boat is out of Yacht Storage

Beaches BahamasWe are hoping your boat has survived the recent winter storms, you have arranged any vital post winter yacht repairs and are now thinking about planning your first spring sailing trip.

Or perhaps your boat is still in yacht storage, but you want to be absolutely sure of where to head once she is back out on the water.

We at Becket & Co., a leading provider of yacht care services on the East Coast of the United States, the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico, have put together the following list of destinations to consider for the first sailing expedition of 2014:

  • Obviously the first place to consider is the sunshine state of Florida, which we have already discussed in a previous blog about winter sailing destinations. With temperatures reaching the mid 70Fs in March, it is the perfect place to head for a blast of heat after the gruelling winter we have had. Here you will find beaches galore, beautiful wildlife and some hard partying along Miami Beach.

  • Another destination to consider for the first trip of the year is the Gulf of Mexico, to the west of Florida and a region we visit regularly through our Remote Yacht Management Services. The Gulf of Mexico happens to be the ninth largest body of water in the world and is often referred to as the “Mediterranean of the Americas”. Here you will find 3,540 miles of beautiful coastline to explore on your yacht. The climate of the gulf region varies from tropical to subtropical, with temperatures a pleasant 70Fs in March.

  • The Bahamas are the nearest Caribbean islands to Florida, an archipelago of more than 700 stunning tropical islets and cays which make an obvious choice for a spring sailing holiday. Two of the first islands in the chain that you would come across first if you set sail from Miami are the Bimini Islands, located about 48 nautical miles from the Florida coast and 110 miles from Nassau, the capital of the Bahama islands. Here you will find nothing much apart from stunning beaches and some pretty spectacular scuba diving sites. Sounds like heaven, and with temperatures of around 79F it is ideal weather in which to defrost after the harsh winter.

If you are sailing in any of these areas and require yacht repairs we can send a Yacht Manager out to you wherever you are to manage them for you, just contact us at Becket & Co. Yacht Management Services.

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