Hunt Yachts to build 80’ Sport Motoryacht

hunt-yachts-yachts-in-harbourHunt Yachts has announced it is about to build its largest ever yacht, a 80’ Sport Motoryacht. The yacht has been commissioned from a Hunt Harrier 25’ owner, who was so pleased with his new boat, that he decided he wanted a another one styled and built in exactly the same way, but this time over three times the size.

After falling in love with the chic, functional and performance-orientated 2013 Harrier 25’ last year the owner dreamed of owning a bigger version to cruise around the shallow waters of Florida and The Bahamas. The craftsmanship, performance and handling of his Harrier 25’ were exactly what he desired but he wanted all the additional features and benefits that come with having that much more space on-board.

The owner worked with Hunt Yachts and their team of designers for 6 months to create the perfect design for his needs. The project started as a 75’ boat but as he wanted lots of outdoor space up on deck, they decided they would need an extra 5 foot in length.

The 80’ Sport Motoryacht will have a hull and superstructure designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, whose founder, Ray Hunt, invented the deep-V hull. Its deep-V configuration and moderate beam mean it will have no problem cutting through the water at speed.

At the same time he got his captain to test out the Hunt 44 Express Motoryacht and a 40-knot, 60-foot, aluminum water-jet-powered boat that Hunt Yachts designed and built for none other than the New York Police Department. After being more than happy with the super fast performance, the team decided on using water-jets for the 80’ Sport Motoryacht.

The flagship yacht will have a top speed in excess of 31 knots and is due to launch in the summer of 2015.

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