Ten Steps to Winterize Your Boat

Boats in Marina at WinterThe days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder and it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your boat before you put her into yacht storage.

So what should you do before you kiss goodbye to your beloved yacht for the winter season, and let her rest up for a few months?

Below are a few steps that we at Becket & Co. – premier yacht management experts on the East Coast – recommend you follow to keep your yacht in tip top condition over the winter months.

  1. For Becket & Co managed boats we always conduct a lengthy sea trial prior to having a boat yard winterize systems for the season. A final sea trial allows us to catch any issues that can be addressed over the winter.
  2. Any full service boat yard will be well equipped to winterize your yacht’s systems. Her main engine(s) and generators should have the sea water side of the cooling system flushed and filled with non toxic antifreeze.
  3. At this time we also recommend changing engine, transmission, and generator oil for a fresh start in the Spring.
  4. All fresh water systems should be drained and and have non toxic antifreeze run through.
  5. Either shop vac dry all bilge areas or add a bit of antifreeze to these areas.
  6. Place several moisture zapping damp rid devices throughout the bilges and interior spaces of the boat.
  7. Remove and bag all cushions and store in a dry place.
  8. Either disconnect and remove all batteries for storage or set a schedule to periodically charge them once monthly.
  9. For boats stored inside, cover the boat in plastic to minimize dirt accumulation over the winter.
  10. For boats stored outside, shrink wrap the entire boat down to the hull’s chine.

We regularly put together custom storage and maintenance programs for our customers each season.  Let us assist you in the winterization and management of your boat’s seasonal needs.

We can also advise on yacht construction, yacht repair, and consult on almost any aspect of yacht management from our base in Newport.

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